Addicted/Predicted to TDJ – Coming to Regenerate Festival this Weekend

June 4, 2024 0 By John Cargile

“Have you ever been the center of somebody’s life? It’s so addictive.
The way you look away and back at me so many times. It’s so predictive.”

TDJ - Look (Photo:

Genevieve Ryan Martel, the Canadian composer known as TDJ, does it better than the rest. The beats, the lyrics, and the style driving track after track to deliver the backdrop of the last few years. If you’ve been listening. And watching. And especially if you’ve been moving your body to TDJ’s collection. 

Where to start? Maybe seeing her move from the amazing Ryan’s Playground persona to delivering the amazing songs on TDJ001 with probably one of my favorite music videos or the song Quest for Glory. Sadly it’s video seems to have been taken down, maybe due it featuring her running across a very long airport runway then ending with an actual plane going over her head. This actually sets the mark for pushing the edge with fitness like running, power yoga and dance parties just from hearing this beautiful trance flow. 

TDJ plays the Regenerate Festival Friday, June 7. Get tickets at  Regenerate Denver.

TDJ002 followed quickly the next year on the wings of Lalala (Want Somebody), and as with the first EP, the deluxe versions offered so much sickness. Later that year TDJ raised the stakes with a full dj set and accompanying film (one of the wildest you will see) SPF INFINI joined with a crew lucky enough to have this set for their celebration set in the Canadian forests.   

“At its core, this is an action-packed 38-minute video directed by the legendary Laurence ‘Baz’ Morais, soundtracked by a continuous DJ mix curated by TDJ of all new and exclusive music.”

The album TDJ123 followed in 2022 and offered so much diversity across 12 songs, then was followed by the Deluxe version serving up 31 tracks, including remixes by X-Coast and DJ HEARTSTRING among others. 

Checkout the “Voyage en TDJ” Playlist I made to whet your appetite for Regenerate Denver

Don’t miss TDJ at Regenerate Festival in Civic Center Park, June 7. Tickets available!

SPF Infini 2 came later that year and things got out of hand in Tulum, but what a musical session it was. The story follows most of the people in the first video. Blow Away (In My Arms) with fknsyd is one of TDJ’s most emotional release that works well with the film. 

Her remix of Roland Cristol’s Voyage en Europe makes me want to follow TDJ across the globe on her world tour. And after listening to the original, it feels amazing the personal stamp she put on this remix, and why I think TDJ is on the top of the world now with her sound.

Last year we got BACKTO123 which had a full on guitar rocker alongside standouts Save Me and Levitate – which is a epic track driving the listener to the mountain top and above. 

The final trilogy piece with SPF Infini 3 pulls us yet again into world filled with TDJ’s sound mixed with desert landscapes and aliens. 

This was followed up by the CD mix Trance Detente Jazz with her pressing her sounds to some popular artists whose songs will never be the same again.

She’s dropped Come Back Home this year, but certainly the world will be dropped by this global dance superstar. 

TDJ plays the Regenerate Festival Friday, June 7. Get tickets at  Regenerate Denver.

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