About DenverThread

About DenverThread

I started this site out of love, and fascination. Love for music, and fascination for the music scene in Denver above all. And it’s a special time for that scene, and for all of us in it & around it. Want to promote your band? Or do you have a band, act or personality around Denver that you think should be featured? Contact me here: billy at denverthread dot com

or here: (303) 419-6999

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We’re happy to promote your event, venue, bar, restaurant, band or business to this burgeoning scene. Get on the bandwagon, and help support your local scene!

– DenverThread

MP3s Posted on this site:

All MP3’s on this site are posted ONLY for promotional purposes. We at DenverThread would love nothing more than to help our readers support the music they like by purchasing performers’ albums, shirts, and other merchandise. More importantly: WE URGE YOU TO GO SEE THESE BANDS LIVE, MANY, MANY TIMES! You’ll never experience them in the same way, on any recording, in any format as you will in front of them, with other fans, in local venues that depend on you being there to support them as well. If you own any MP3’s posted on DenverThread.com, and you would like them removed, please send an email to: billy at denverthread dot com, and they will be immediately removed.