The Alarm’s Mike Peters brings the Good Fight to the Soiled Dove

The Alarm’s Mike Peters brings the Good Fight to the Soiled Dove

August 29, 2017 Off By Mike McGrath

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Photos by Michael McGrath

The Alarm’s Mike Peters has been a fighter for decades. That fighting spirit has always infused the anthemic music of The Alarm, from the blaring of “68 Guns” to the powerful charge of “Sold Me Down the River.” It’s a good thing that Mike Peters is a fighter; he’s needed every bit of his warrior’s spirit to overcome the challenges of leukemia that has wreaked periodic chaos on his life over the last twenty years- and most recently, the breast cancer fight of Jules, his wife of over 30 years.

Peters brought his irrepressible spirit of resistance to the stage of the Soiled Dove last Tuesday, August 22nd for a celebratory and inspiring set of music. Peters is not shy about his struggles and shared the stories of his resilience with the eager Soiled Dove crowd, along with generating support and awareness for his cancer foundation, Love Hope and Strength. The foundation has a strong Denver presence and can often be found at local shows, swabbing the cheeks of audience members in hopes of finding people who can offer life-saving bone marrow transplants to cancer patients. For more information about Love Hope and Strength, check out their website: