Beach House Brings their Sound to the Mission

Beach House Brings their Sound to the Mission

March 27, 2022 Off By John Cargile

Beach House will perform at The Mission Ballroom March 30. Photo Credit: David Belisle

Beach House‘s recent album Once Twice Melody was released in four parts over four months from November 2021 through just about a month ago, and culminated with a number one spot in Top Album Sales, according to Billboard. Seriously, Beach House had the number one album on the charts – and then hit number one on the Top Rock & Alternative charts too! So – is it appropriate now to call out that Beach House has made it? The fact that 70 percent of the first week’s sales were on vinyl is downright amazing as well – bodes well for the LP.

Beach House is Victoria Legrand, lead singer, and Alex Scally, guitarist, though both musicians are accomplished multi-instrumentalists. They’ve been writing and releasing beautiful dream-pop together since 2006, beginning with their eponymous release – which was extremely well-received critically. Particularly notable are early heavy hitters Devotion, Teen Dream, and Bloom – and all of these have songs that inspire beautiful, sparkling summer nights with shimmering melodies and brilliant guitar work, and, of course, Legrand’s powerful velvet vocals.

Catch Beach House at Mission Ballroom Wednesday, March 30

And then they released the classic Depression Cherry – the platter that probably most Beach House fans found them, and then never let go.

The duo is bringing their tour to Denver’s Mission Ballroom on Wednesday, March 30 and tickets are going fast through It promises to be an unmatched event you’re not going to want to miss.

Once Twice Melody reveals a noticeable power surge, and well-deserved confidence from the pair of composers. Each song is a novel, or a movie, surreal and driven with visions from your favorite directors, leading you through worlds of melody and mist. Songs like Masquerade and Superstar quite literally fill the room with their realities. Hurts to Love makes you feel that hurt, hard, and real, line after line.

The track Lazuli, from Bloom, is where I fell in love with the band. Or, was it in 2010 when I heard Teen Dream’s organ-tinged anthem, Silver Soul? Either way, I was hooked from the moment they invited me into their world, along with the all the feelings, dipping and swaying through their simultaneously treacled and dour dream-pop, and I’m still there with them.  After seeing them a few times at festivals, I’m definitely excited to see Legrand and Scally indoors as they take over The Mission Ballroom. Having a light show behind them, with the music’s haunting sounds and emotional journeys will surely deliver a memorable experience.

They’ve been to the area a few times over the years, with shows in Boulder and Denver. For those lucky enough to have seen them at the Hi-Dive in 2008, I raise a glass to you.

Checkout this playlist before the show – if you’re not already familiar, maybe this will have the song that hooks you, too. See you at the Mission!


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