Black Flag Exposes Hardcore’s Roots Tomorrow Night @ The “O”

Black Flag Exposes Hardcore’s Roots Tomorrow Night @ The “O”

March 7, 2024 Off By Denver Thread

It doesn’t get much more hardcore than this.

Black Flag – arguably one of the first US Hardcore Punk bands, and legendary for their relentless “hit-the -road, sleep in the van, annihilate the next show, hit-the-road again” touring style – are landing in Denver this Saturday night, and will once again take over The Oriental Theater. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of their seminal 1984 album “My War,” the band will blaze through two-plus sets of legendary hardcore, playing the entire album in the first set, then filling up a few more sets with selections from classics like “Damaged” and “Nervous Breakdown,” among others.

Black Flag plays “My War” in its entirety, Saturday, March 9, 2024, at The Oriental in North Denver. Doors at 7:30 – Don’t miss it!

This is not a show to miss – especially if you’re among the majority of youngsters that has yet to see the iconic band in action, but has only heard stories. And there are plenty. Black Flag is like the deepest, thickest root of the tree that spawned – and still spawns – US Hardcore punk, with connections to so many bands, movements, and sub-genres their influence can best be described as tectonic. Formed by guitarist Greg Ginn along with singer (and seminal hardcore grandfather himself) Keith Morris in 1976 in California, the group went through a number of personnel changes, and launched many a new band and/or career from their constant rotation – including Circle Jerks and the inimitable Henry Rollins.

Black Flag plays at the Oriental Theater, August 28, 2019
Photo: Sandisz Thieme/Oliver Thieme

While technically still Black Flag, it is true that the only original member on the stage will be guitarist Greg Ginn (who also happens to be the only continuous member of the band), joined by vocalist Mike Vallely, and drum-and-bass duo Charles Wiley and Harley Duggan (from Darkhorse Rising). But you can be sure that the energy will still come close to the chaotically explosive scene that Black Flag harnessed across the last forty years. If you were lucky enough to see them at The Oriental in 2019, or in one of the gazillion shows they’ve played since then, you know what we mean.

Hell – Greg Ginn alone may be enough of a reason to to everything you can to see this show. The man is a living guitar legend, after laying the template for the superfast, technically savvy, careless-but-awesome style that most hardcore axework is modeled on. With his atonal, off-kilter, almost fusion fingerwork – almost always played at breakneck speed – Ginn seems more akin to both jazz legends like Sonny Sharrock and sound sculptors like Lee Renaldo than most of the other punk rockers of the day – or since. Other hardcore guitarists either tried to mimic or copy Ginn’s unique genius – but no-one has ever quite been able to catch it. And there’s no place better than The Oriental – with its huge stage and giant pit area – to catch the act at its best.

Get your tickets now – before they’re gone.