Dinosaur Jr. Releases Live ‘Emptiness at The Sinclair’

Dinosaur Jr. Releases Live ‘Emptiness at The Sinclair’

October 29, 2021 Off By Denver Thread

Dinosaur Jr. is “is still making excellent records for new listeners and older ones who made the band part of their lives” (Wall Street Journal). Last Wednesday, J Mascis and the rest of the trio released Emptiness at The Sinclair, an album that captures the essence of why the band has been such a staple in live music for decades.

Recorded live at The Sinclair in Boston, Dinosaur Jr. play many tracks off of Sweep It Into Space, released earlier this year on Jagjaguwar, plus favorite classics like “Just Like Heaven,” “Start Choppin” and “Freak Scene.”

Listen to live Dinosaur Jr. now 

And if you haven’t checked out Sweep It Into Space yet, you can still get it on purple ripple vinyl at the Secretly Store, as well as the limited edition t-shirt featuring the album art by Andy Hope.

Co-produced by Kurt Vile, Sweep It Into Space is a continuation of what is perhaps the greatest “second act” of any band ever, as they expand their personal universe without losing their central core.

Sweep it Into Space
Sweep it Into Space


Dinosaur Jr., Sweep It Into Space
out now via Jagjaguwar

(Review from Secretly Store)

In the decades since the release of Dinosaur Jr.‘s original triptych of foundational albums, it has become clear that their sound — once hailed as a sort of almost-tamed noise — is/was/always-has-been fully functioning pop music of a sort. The subsequent generations of bands who grew up breathing Dino’s fumes managed to tinker around with the edges of their original post-hardcore song-forms enough for listeners to realize there had always been melodies at the center of everything they did. What Dinosaur Jr. produces is nothing but a beautiful new version of the rock continuum — riff, power, beat, and longing, created with an eye on the infinite future.