UPDATE: Grammy-Nominated High On Fire Tour Canceled!

UPDATE: Grammy-Nominated High On Fire Tour Canceled!

January 3, 2019 Off By Billy Thieme

Updated Jan 17, 2019: Sadly, due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, High on Fire has canceled the remainder of their tour, scheduled to appear here in Denver at The Oriental Theater on January 25. Matt Pike explained:

“Dear Friends and fans,

To my brothers, my crew, and anyone else this affects. I do apologize for the inconvenience of this cancelation. I feel as though I’m explaining lightning striking twice. I wanted nothing more in the world to play these songs live, nor ever cancel something I say I’m gonna do.
I am a warrior for our art, and have endured some painful things to what we do. The timing and repeating nature of this is my nightmare and almost impossible. Nevertheless, to save yet another toe, my big one, I have been grounded by circumstances out of my control. I will have more of a medical report to come but right now I’m at great risk of losing it, and/or a bigger portion of my foot due to Diabetes. Which I have been managing very well.

It just shows how this disease can affect our lives. Please forgive me, and if you know anything about me, you know this is not like me. We will be back!”

– LoudWire.co

GodSpeed for a healthy recovery, and hope to see them on the road again soon.

Fresh off the heels of their Grammy Nomination for “Best Metal Performance” announced just a few weeks ago, amphetamized stoner metal trio High on Fire will grace Denver’s Oriental Theater Friday, January 25th, offering a show that will no doubt leave so much to be remembered.

High on Fire is yet another jewel in the exotic former adult theater and Mob scene’s crown

It’s not surprising to see the North Denver venue adding yet another legendary group to its growing history of once-in-a-lifetime shows, as the past near-decade has seen the theater grow in popularity, stature, and legitimacy – and HOF is yet another jewel in the exotic former adult theater and Mob scene’s crown.

In case you’re not familiar with High on Fire, you might be impressed to find out that their pedigree runs both long and deep in the annals of metal, including members that appeared in greats no less inspiring than Sleep, Thrones, and Melvins. They’re often counted as peers among seminal metal-thrash gods such as Motörhead, The Sword, Electric Wizard, Valient Thorr, and Mastodon.

Take a listen & look at HOF’s official video for the latest, “Electric Messiah,” a fitting tribute to the late Lemmy Kilmister, then get tickets as soon as you’re peeled back up off the floor:

Tickets available now online!


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