HO99O9 & 3TEETH Hurt My Ears

HO99O9 & 3TEETH Hurt My Ears

April 25, 2018 Off By Sandisz Thieme

If industrial music, experimental hip-hop, and hardcore punk had some sort of three-way lovechild, when you saw it you would probably say “this thing is just like those 3TEETH and HO99O9 collaborative singles Time’s Up and Lights Out.”

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I don’t know if it was a blessing or a curse that I wasn’t able to bring my normal big, clunky, too-fragile-to-mosh-with camera into HO99O9 & 3TEETH’s Lights Out America tour stop at the Marquis this weekend. On the one hand, I wasn’t able to take all of the photos I normally would (I only had the last 12 or so frames of a point-and-shoot film camera I happened to have on me). But on the other hand, I don’t remember the last time I had half as much fun at a concert as I did flailing screaming and falling over to the intense, high energy, ear-destroying and somewhat horrifying ridiculousness that is HO99O9 and 3TEETH.

3TEETH is a band that creates absolutely bone-crushing industrial music. The band consists of 4 members: Andrew Means on drums, Chase Brawner on guitar, Xavier Swafford on keyboards, and Alexis Mincolla takes up the vocals. In an interview with Rolling Stone about 3TEETH’s tour with American metal band Tool, Mincolla said: “The whole project, from Day One, was more a multimedia art project than a band,” which might explain why the band’s partnership with HO99O9 (pronounced ‘horror’) makes so much sense.

HO99O9 is a hardcore rap duo from Newark, New Jersey, now based in Los Angeles, started by Eaddy and TheOGM. They’re known for their live performances which can include anything from nudity to on-stage food fights, intense moshing, flashing lights and live drums, featuring the drummer from defunct hardcore legendary band Black Flag, Brandon Pertzborn. Their performances are so intense, they were shut down just two songs in at a SXSW Showcase and were taken off the Vans’ Warped Tour completely after their performance at the kick-off party. While they may not have gotten naked or started a food fight on stage this time around, HO99O9 really brought the noise this weekend with an off-the-chain set at the Marquis.

These 2 bands coming together was like a match made in experimental-industrial-hardcore-hip-hop-heaven, and 3TEETH definitely put on a show, especially when they invited a 9-year-old on stage to play a quick riff with the band. As their joint tour is coming to an end, keep an eye for more from the 2 groups. We know we will.