I Love You, Ty Segall

I Love You, Ty Segall

April 13, 2018 Off By Denver Thread

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Photos by Michael McGrath, words by Amy McGrath

If you’re looking for a fair and balanced, objectively critical review of the Ty Segall and the Freedom Band show last Thursday at the Ogden, look elsewhere, because this, friends… is actually my proclamation of love for my rock and roll crush. Ty Segall, I love you. Now, before you block me as a cougar rock and roll-mom stalker, give me a minute to explain….

Here are all the reasons I love you, Ty Segall-

  • I love that you are absolutely crackling with creative intensity and brash confidence. You’re 30 years old and you’ve made 10 studio albums and countless other EPS, singles and compilations. And that’s just the stuff with your name on it…. There’s dozens of other recordings with awesome projects like The Traditional Fools and Fuzz.
  • I know it’s shallow, but I love your golden mane of glowing hair and the way you toss it around on stage, your rock halo.
  • I love your awesome guitar chops and your remarkable flexibility. Your show at the Ogden was a magic carpet ride through genres, from deep psych through funk, garage rock, jazz, blues, punk, speed metal, indie synth rock. I love that about your ambitious new double album, Freedom’s Goblin, too; such diversity of sounds, moods and genres.
  • I love that I saw lots of friends of all ages at your show, which I attended with my husband and our two  teenaged kids. I love that there was moshing and stage diving with abandon, but there were also lots of middle aged rockers like me, deeply gratified by the music and the mayhem. At the end of the show, everybody I knew floated out of the Ogden, blissed out. I love that you’re keeping rock and roll alive for fans of all ages.
  • I love that, for at least one rapturous night, I did not once think about the President, the porn star, his lawyer, his shockingly corrupt administration, the crisis in Syria, the crisis of our planet.
  • I love that you wear your wedding ring onstage. I love that you hugged my kids when you met them and encouraged their musical ambitions. I love that you have a kind smile. I don’t actually know you so I could be wrong, but you seem like a truly decent guy. And you rock.

Thanks for a terrific show at the Ogden, in Denver. I loved it.

Until I see you again- much love,