Vortex is Coming this Weekend to the JunkYard

Vortex is Coming this Weekend to the JunkYard

August 3, 2022 Off By Denver Thread
Vortex 2019 in Taos, New Mexico (Photo: Jess Bernstein)
A recent Vortex Festival crowd explodes with ecstasy in Taos, New Mexico (Photo: Jess Bernstein)

Meow Wolf partners with Live Nation to bring the festival to DenverAugust 5, 6, & 7

What is Vortex? Well – if you’re not one of the millions of multiverse natives that call Denver’s Meow Wolf your own inter-dimensional stomping grounds, it’s understandable that you would ask. Denver’s most recent arts and multiverse location is partnering with Live Nation August 5, 6, and 7 to welcome the latest EDM, music, art, food, and fun festival to Denver this year (hopefully the first of many visits) and to promote Denver’s newest outdoor venue, the JunkYard.

Located in the Sun Valley part of town (2323 W. Mulberry Place, Denver CO 80204, if Denver isn’t your native universe), the JunkYard will become a refreshing, long-lasting event experience housed in an industrial outdoor space. Word on the street is that the owners saw “… a great opportunity to transform a scrap metal yard into a multifaceted musical festival site in the heart of the city.”

With Vortex its launching event, The JunkYard aims to be a refreshing, long-lasting event experience in Denver.

If you’re familiar with Meow Wolf, or maybe you long to get a taste of the Burning Man vibe, you’ll love how the JunkYard will offer up another world for Vortex 2022, complete with two wicked stages, multiple art installations, and spacey, extra-chill comfort zones.

And then there’s the Vortex entertainment.

Besides a stellar lineup of music to fill up those two stunning stages including 100 Gecs, Toro Y Moi, Bob Moses and more (see below), 21 epically-costumed performance artists – and many more denizens from the multiverse that pass through our very own Convergence Station – will be circulating throughout the festival, providing double-eye-fulls of entertainment and awe. Performers include Delila Darlin, Sam Sapphire, Amanda Fortner, Orbit, Leanna, Buba Basishvili, Mel Mark, Seth “Hobbes” Origitano, Wanda Ferll, Fronzo Gilkey and Anthony Greenz. Performing troupes will include LazerPantz, Mythic Times space goats, comedy from Big Expression, The Sacred G’s street art collective, CircX circus, a Cortney Matz Mystery Quest festival scavenger hunt – and more!

Two stunning stages will include a lineup featuring 100 Gecs, Toro Y Moi, Bob Moses and more

Vortex food vendors will include food trucks serving cuisine from Indian and Greek to pizza, and more. Think WeChef Kitchen (Asian Fusion), Rocky Mountain Slices, Original by Greeks, Bombay Station, and Italian Ice Denver.

Crafts vendors from all around Denver will spin with you at Vortex 2022, selling jewelry, clothing, visual art, health and beauty items, and more. Some names:  Culture Cross Jewelry, Embracement, Vision Bored Clothing, Astral Hoops, and others. The Vendor Collective will bring a mix of jewelry and clothes, mixed in with other fun accessories, health and beauty products, and visual art.

Vortex will feature cuisine from Indian and Greek to pizza, and more.

There will be nine different artists showcasing work at Vortex, too. Kassandra ‘Kassie’ Marshall Mayhall will be showing off (and selling) cyanotype textile print scarves, cards and more, while , Bryce Green will feature light pyramids, and Brenden O’Shaughnessy will have a plethora of proper costumes. Immersive rest areas for guests will feature art installations from Re:Vera Designs, while the Color Condition’s colorful streamers will adorn the venue backdrop, accessorizing those fabulous stages and chillaxing zones provided by Jon Medina and Ambient Architects. 

“Part of our mission at Meow Wolf is to prioritize social impact and empower sustainability, something each of these vendors also holds dear. We’re excited to share their craft with the crowd and enjoy an incredible experience together,” said Marsi Gray, senior creative producer at Meow Wolf. “There will be three days of endless entertainment, talented performers and mind-opening experiences fit for every attendee.”

Get your tickets today, and get ready to take off into the multiverse for an unmatched – and unmatchable – weekend!

Vortex JunkYard 2022 Site Map
Vortex JunkYard 2022 Site Map