MGMT Starts Out Strong and Smiling in Denver

MGMT Starts Out Strong and Smiling in Denver

May 11, 2018 Off By Billy Thieme

Photos by Billy Thieme

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I’ve always had a ton of respect for bands who start shows with their biggest hits – especially those that seemed at some point to be likely one-hit wonders. It’s almost like they’re challenging you to stay for the deeper cuts, and show you appreciate them and their work, rather than just hoping to hear the same ol’ shit you’ve heard on the radio 10,000 times. MGMT not only started their show last Monday at the Fillmore in Denver with “Kids,” arguably their most recognizable hit – they started the second half of their world tour with the song in Denver. Constantly grinning and beaming, the band led a packed house through nearly 90 minutes of synth-pop and visuals, leaving the crowd sated and smiling.


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