Simple Minds Prove Hard to Forget at Denver’s Paramount

Simple Minds Prove Hard to Forget at Denver’s Paramount

October 25, 2018 Off By Denver Thread

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Photos by Michael McGrath, Story by Amy McGrath

“Don’t you forget about me” was the overriding sentiment of Simple Mind’s October show at Denver’s Paramount Theatre. The band, on their first major US tour in well over a decade, is best known for their iconic contribution to the “Breakfast Club” soundtrack, but has a New Wave trailblazing legacy that stretches back over forty years.

“We were worried you would have forgotten about us!” exclaimed frontman Jim Kerr in his endearing Scotch brogue. The self-effacing Scot had nothing to worry about;  his voice was in fine form and the latest iteration of the band was well prepared to deliver two sets of music that embodied the highlights of their long career in rock music. The band first played Denver at Red Rocks in 1984, just before they broke to international success with “Don’t You” in 1985.

The current lineup of the band features Kerr and Simple Mind’s co-founder, guitarist Charlie Burchill, buoyed by some fresh energy in the form of young, driving drummer Cherisse Osei, and the knock-out vocals of powerhouse Catherine AD. The mix of middle aged rock vets and fresh-faced (female!) talent is a successful formula for the band who managed to keep 80’s radio hits like “Alive and Kicking,” “All the Things She Said” and “Sanctify Yourself” sounding rocking and relevant.

It was especially clear during the long crowd sing-along for “Don’t You,” that the predominately middle-aged Paramount crowd had come precisely to remember. But Simple Minds gave Denver more than just a throw-back experience, proving that age, talent and experience can still deliver even when the brash vigor of youth has faded.