Station CO. Hosts it’s Second “You Can’t Come”, featuring Mir Fontane and SidmfKid

Station CO. Hosts it’s Second “You Can’t Come”, featuring Mir Fontane and SidmfKid

September 5, 2017 Off By Sandisz Thieme

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On September 2nd, 2017 Station hosted it’s second “You Can’t Come” concert, an event series featuring “World class talent [at] low capacity venues” (according to @ucantcome, the event series official instagram). This time around, the event featured acts from 56XansAintCool, WiseAintShit, Future Heroes, and, most notably, Sidmfkid and Camden N.J.’s own, Mir Fontane.


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Before getting into the meat of the article, I want to shout out 56XansAintCool. They were the first to play and their set was absolutely hilarious and they definitely got the crowd stupid hyped, especially with their opening song “Fuk On My Teacher”.


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Moving on, Sidmfkid is a Denver local and kind of a local celebrity. According to his website, he’s 21 years old, 165 lbs, he has brown eyes and he’s “white/black”. He’s been consistently pushing out music for the last year and just recently released My Momma Don’t Want Me To Rap (unfinished & unmastered). I had some issues with my camera, resulting in me missing most of Sid’s set, but, Sid really brought it, as always. Sid is a fantastic performer and, even with an unfortunately tired crowd (he started his set around midnight), he got everyone jumping, moshing, and played a very exciting set.


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Mir Fontane played just before Sid, but, in my opinion, really stole the show. Mir Fontane is a 23 year old rapper from Camden, New Jersey. He recently released his debut album, Camden, under 300 Entertainment. Camden is a 12 track ode to his hometown and what it’s like living in what sounds like a pretty rough area. You might have heard Frank Ocean, which has sort of blown up recently, but I would recommend the song $hort $tory if you haven’t listened already. It does a great job explaining what it’s like in Camden and what the album is all about.


Photography by Sandisz Thieme