The Damned Bring the Goth to the Gothic

The Damned Bring the Goth to the Gothic

November 4, 2018 Off By Molly McGrath

Photos by Michael McGrath, Story by Molly McGrath

The Gothic Theatre got goth Thursday night when quintessential English punk band The Damned took the stage. The band brought out a diverse crowd, including both fans who’ve been following them since their formation in 1976, as well as teenagers who stood in awe at the legendary group.

Lead singer Dave Vanian came out in his classic vampire get up; black suit, leather gloves and all- the spitting image of the young dracula who told the world to “Smash it Up” in 1979. The highlight of the night was watching iconic guitar player Captain Sensible crack cheesy jokes about the altitude in his red beret and cheetah print coat. Vanian and Sensible seem to balance each other perfectly; like Nosferatu and a gay sailor. The band finished up the night with some of their biggest hits, including fan favorites Neat Neat Neat and New Rose.

Opening for the Damned was Radkey, a set of three young brothers, showing that even homeschooled kids can kick ass. On tour with their new single “Rock and Roll Homeschool,” the band brought a youthful energy to the stage. The audience danced along to their catchy, chant heavy, songs. A man next to me even went as far to say that Radkey had officially become his favorite band. The Damned brought a night full of punk rock and partying to the Gothic Theatre and put everyone in a ready-for-Halloween mood.