Together Pangea Turns Larimer Lounge into Party Garage

Together Pangea Turns Larimer Lounge into Party Garage

October 31, 2017 Off By Molly McGrath

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Photos by Michael McGrath, story by Molly McGrath

Instead of doing something scary Friday the Thirteenth, I found myself being pushed up against the stage at the Larimer Lounge, singing along to my favorite surf-pop anthems by Southern California garage rockers Together Pangea. On tour with their new album “Bulls and Roosters,” the band played a variety of songs from their catalogue. Not even ten seconds into the first song, a wild pit had already started. The audience loved it, and everyone danced and moshed till the walls of the Larimer were dripping with sweat.

On tour with Together Pangea was Tall Juan, a VERY TALL Argentinian singer-songwriter. His music: cumbia punk mixed with good ol’ garage rock. In the first few minutes of his set he played solo before inviting an audience member up to drum with him. During the middle of his set, a band joined him on stage where they played louder punk songs. At one point in his set, Juan dropped the microphone onto the stage. When I picked it up for him, he put it directly into his mouth (like the whole mic head, all the damn way into his mouth.) He finished his high energy set with two covers, Territorial Pissings and I Wanna be Your Dog, both crowd favorites.

Also on tour with them was Daddy Issues, an all girl garage rock band. They attracted the attention of many young women on the Denver Scene, some of those who I talked to saying that they just came out to see them. “It’s the future of Riot Grrrl!!” one woman declared.