UMS 2019 PreSale is On!

UMS 2019 PreSale is On!

April 4, 2019 Off By Billy Thieme

Get weekend passes to UMS 2019–the summer’s best music festival–while you can.

Denver’s Best Music Festival is back on Broadway! The Underground Music Showcase returns to Denver’s hottest neighborhood from June 26th through 28th this year. The three-day fest will feature four outdoor stages, 20+ indoor venues, craft beers, great food, superhip merch, and smiles galore!

Pre-sale tickets just exploded onto the scene, and they’re going fast–get your UMS weekend pass before May 1st, when the price goes up!

Missing out on the UMS is like skipping Christmas, sleeping through your birthday, and binge-watching Buffy for the umpteenth time, while all your friends are out in the wild, living life and creating memories they’ll rehash forever. Don’t be that potato.

UMS 2019 is coming to South Broadway
UMS At the Goodwill parking lot on South Broadway.

Now in its 19th year, the Underground Music Showcase keeps getting more and more vital to the Denver music scene, and it keeps offering the best of the summer for local and national acts to music lovers from all over. Hell – it’s as old as this millennium this year – and just hitting its stride as a young adult. Get in on it before it becomes as silly as SXSW!


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