#UMS – The Best Music Festival in the West – Announces 2016 Lineup

#UMS – The Best Music Festival in the West – Announces 2016 Lineup

April 11, 2016 Off By Billy Thieme

Another summer, another UMS. It’s become a highpoint and hope for the festival season around Denver, and continues to gain national and international notoriety every year, and this year’s bound to be no different – and maybe even better than ever!

The 16th Annual Denver Post Underground Music Showcase (UMS) has just shot the first volley of this year’s lineup – which will eventually encompass over 400 local, national and international bands playing in a buttload of unique and welcoming venues on South Broadway in late July. The Baker neighborhood is destined for its annual takeover byt a flood of bearded, tank-top-wearing hipsters and music buffs, aficionados, critics, fans – and the occasional professional musician here and there, from Thursday, July 28 through Sunday, July 31.

You can get your tickets here, right now!

Each year, the UMS celebrates Denver’s constantly thriving music scene, and invites underground acts from across the country and around the world to play out in the summer sun and into the late evenings, serenading lucky natives and tourists alike across miles of South Broadway. Here’s a listing of the first 32 bands:


PolicaThee Oh SeesAllah Las
San FerminLee Fields & the ExpressionsYawpers
Adia VictoriaThe Bright Light Social HourThe Bunny Gang
CovenhovenDirty FewRob Drabkin
Emerald SiamThe EpiloguesFlaural
Fort FrancesMethyl EthelPlum
PorloloPromised Land SoundShady Elders
Slow CavesThe Raven & the Writing DeskSo Pitted
Sound of CeresSouth of FranceSPELLS
The Still TideStrawberry RunnersSunboy
Ultimate PaintingWiredogs

Take a look at all the options – and this is just the first volley  – and less that one-tenth – of the overall, four-day lineup. Can you afford to miss any of this? We think not. Especially now that you know – or you will by the end of this sentence – that the UMS proceeds go to the artists, first, and then to the Denver Post Community Foundation and Youth on Record – two heartily worthy causes.


Don’t delay – get your tickets here, today.  See you there.




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