Kelly Lee Owens To Showcase 2020’s Brilliant “Inner Song” at Globe Hall This Friday

Kelly Lee Owens To Showcase 2020’s Brilliant “Inner Song” at Globe Hall This Friday

September 13, 2021 Off By John Cargile

Brilliant Sets in Chicago’s Pitchfork Festival and Philly’s Making Time Promise a Sold Out Show

British electronic artist Kelly Lee Owens will get a chance to show off her brilliant 2020 lp “Inner Song” at Globe Hall this Friday night.

Fresh off stunning performances at Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago and Making Time in Philadelphia, Kelly Lee Owens is set to play Denver’s Globe Hall this Friday, September 17.

The UK electronic artist is finally getting to tour the material off her amazing 2020 lp Inner Song lp that landed on many “Best of” lists of the year. 

Kelly Lee Owens “Inner Beauty” is unforgettable

The tracks from that album provided those of us staying home these last eighteen months a combination of healing, ethereal landscapes of “Re-wild” and “On.” The brilliance of “Jeannette” and “Night” led to dance party celebrations – and that’s just the beginning.

The dance music scene in Denver won’t know what hit them once KLO starts her set. The intimate Globe Hall set will give those lucky enough to get in something special.

This show will sell out, so get tickets early. To get ready for it yourself, enjoy the playlist below.

Be sure to get there early to catch Denver artist Foans.


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