Local Superstar Caroline Polachek Brings Love Back to the Bluebird

Local Superstar Caroline Polachek Brings Love Back to the Bluebird

December 19, 2021 Off By John Cargile

Photos by Gerardo Federico

Fifteen years ago, all people in Denver needed to do if they wanted to hear new music was put on Radio 1190, the University of Colorado station. No streaming service needed, just a usually brilliant student dj sharing their favorite sounds, plus other tracks the station put in rotation. 

Caroline Polachek–who just blew the roof off the Bluebird Theater last Friday–was one of those serving up the sounds. This was the same ex-Chairlift superstar who had their infectious “Bunny Is a Rider” named Best Song of the Year by Pitchfork.

The dancing crowd wanted Caroline Polachek’s songs, especially from 2019’s Pang.

The sold out venue of fans were there for Bunny, but the dancing crowd also were there for all her songs, especially the ones from 2019’s Pang.

“So Hot Your Hurting My Feelings” was one of those hits that Polachek wrapped the crowd into a groove as she performed with ease and command.

As mentioned earlier, Polachek is superstar. If her couple of years in Boulder tags her as a Colorado act, then there’s little doubt that she is among the best to come out of the state. 

She presented herself in a big way, but also a very personal way and the crowd ate it up. The light show for her set was amazing as it synched with songs like “Door” and “Breathless” to drive the mood of fun.

Because of previous shows, the crowd was anticipating the encore featuring a cover of Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” that she performed with Oklou. (I personally was hoping she may cover the song she helped Hyde drop this year “Skin 2 Skin.”)

Oklou, a wonderful performer from France, started the night out with her innovative tracks like “unearth me” and “fall” plus she rocked out hard on a few songs in true Bluebird fashion. I was especially blown away by the song “I didn’t give up on you” and appreciated the opportunity to see her that Friday night. 

If you want to see Caroline Polachek again, she will be part of the Dua Lipa Tour with Megan Thee Stallion at Ball Arena on March 15. She will bring that superstar level no matter what the venue.

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  • John Cargile

    John Cargile teaches and DJs for hundreds of Denver yogis and his power yoga classes. His southern roots of soul and pop music melded with indie and dance music in Colorado over the years.