Diplo Launches and EDM Fantasy at Red Rocks

Diplo Launches and EDM Fantasy at Red Rocks

May 14, 2021 Off By Gerardo Federico

Photos and Story by Gerardo Federico

What can you say about Diplo? On May 12, 2021, the magic he brought to Red Rocks seemed to reinstall hope and life in a pandemic-tired EDM crowd.

DJ, songwriter, and producer who has worked with almost everybody from Justin Bieber to Snoop Dog, he even collaborated with the night’s opening band Sidepiece on “On my Mind” – nominated for a Grammy – with tons of streams on Spotify.

Diplo fans loved every minute

Diplo brought his exciting brand of Electronic Dance Music to Red Rocks for 2 amazing shows and the reduced capacity crowd wasn’t disappointed for either one. They danced away all night, the light show was amazing and fun, and you never knew what kind of video would pop up around him. Anything from a blazing fire to dinosaurs (including a Diplodocus – longhand for Diplo), and the beat never stopped.