Quite Right! Records ‘Moment in Time’ Brings us Back

Quite Right! Records ‘Moment in Time’ Brings us Back

July 1, 2021 Off By Frankie Rose

Let’s Go Back

Camping festival style with perfectly balanced and loud electronic music over a full weekend is probably something we could’ve all used, probably since the very start of this pandemic. Quite Right! Records knows it.  Being together with a group of people holding the same goal in mind is one of the most important things we can experience right now.  When everyone dancing around you believes in the same peace, love, unity, and respect as you, the world can feel right – even if only for a short second.  Quite Right! Records provided that for two days, on the side of a mountain in a secret location, in A Moment In Time – June 4th & 5th.

When you’ve been stripped of the concerts and club nights, you find yourself craving movement.  Humans need connection.  People just want to feel normal for an evening (whatever that means anymore).  Now, we have this new type of “in your face” safety factor while participating in these events we missed so much.  Being outside seems to fit the majority of an individual’s needs.  Even with the two-and-a-half-hour drive taken into account, and the secret location and directions received (like parties used to be), this felt exclusive.  Things that give a good vibe – instructions like “park and camp past the bridge,”  “One way past the gate and it’s the same way out.”  Add some good tunes, and a lot of get-down, and the mountainside was moving.

Quite Right! Records brought it

DJ Dara, scheduled in the top spot with an old school set, presented a solid impression of the mixture of genres for the upcoming weekend.  Packed full of Denver DJs, every hour was a new experience.  From House, to Jungle, to Techno, to Drum and Bass, the vibes covered us in sound blankets until we all re-emerged, back out into a wide-open world.  Original tracks sprinkled about the sets help to color the festival, make it feel like a tight-knit place.  

The 2 stages, Seismic Moments and Clockwork Orange, were perfectly distanced on the property to oblige one another, and our walking – or “which stage do I pick right now?!” – needs.  Light shows and hidden gems in the trees helped make the short shuffle pass easily, nicely.  Access to campsites where our parked cars were close – but not too close – to the stages was a great accommodation.  

Sleeping next to a tree-covered mountainside isn’t something to shake a finger at – and, imagine, plenty of bathrooms!  Chatting with others strolling is an ideal way to spend the day making friends. When you show up next year, be prepared for the sunshine and bring your umbrella for when you need shade – Quite Right! will surely bring in another banger.

Keep up on the full artist list from Quite Right! via their Instagram.  Their LinkTree is filled with the qualifications to keep the bodies moving with tracks, shows, and merch. Visit both platforms to follow Quite Right! Records and find tickets for tonight’s show at The Black Box, and their upcoming presentation with The Zookeepers with “Mirage” on Saturday, July 24th, 2021.