Rob $tone and Malik Burgers Show Cervantes how the Other Side (of a One-Hit Wonder) Lives

Rob $tone and Malik Burgers Show Cervantes how the Other Side (of a One-Hit Wonder) Lives

March 25, 2018 Off By Sandisz Thieme

After his debut single Chill Bill–a remix of Bernard Herrmann’s Twisted Nerve out of the movie Kill Bill–became an internet sensation in 2014, people began to worry that Jaylen Robinson (AKA Rob $tone) would be another one-hit wonder. Ever since then, he’s been working hard to prove us wrong.


Starting with his latest albums I’m Almost Ready and Don’t Wait For It, featuring artists like Gucci Mane, Meechy Darko (of Flatbush Zombies) and Denzel Curry, and a tour with hip-hop stars A$AP Ferg and Playboi Carti, $tone has definitely shown the commitment to his fans and his music you would expect from a legitimized artist. With Rob $tone recently headlining his own tour, people seem to be noticing. With the Stone Cold Tour, it definitely feels like Rob $tone is well on his way to becoming a fully fledged, multi-hit wonder.


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photos by Sandisz Thieme

So has Rob $tone proven us wrong?


Strictly on the music side of things, Smash (feat. Gucci Mane) and Lemon Grove (feat. Malik Burgers) off of $tone’s Don’t Wait For It are solid tracks. They live up to the initial Chill Bill hype and they don’t rely on their big name features. But that’s about it. Nothing in the rest of his discography is anything particularly noteworthy.


But, when it comes to live performances, we get a different story. Rob $tone’s music is made to be played live–very loudly–in front of a crowd of enthusiastic fans. $tone knows how to have fun on stage, and he showed that off at Cervantes Other Side last Tuesday night. Jumping into the crowd, enticing mosh pits, and dancing with his fans mid-performance, he literally brings the party off the stage and into the crowd–something rarely seen in the internet sensations of today (AKA “one-hit wonders.”)


Does $tone live up to his own hype? Or will he go down in history as another one-hit wonder, fallen to the breakneck speeds of modern viral internet culture?


Two solid tracks and one Chill Bill (plus a Chill Bill remix that is not to be forgotten) doesn’t quite constitute a “multi-hit wonder.” But it does show potential. With a few tracks under his belt, another album seemingly on the way, and a straight-up fun stage presence, it’s starting to look like Rob $tone is well on his way to legitimacy as an artist.


Shout out to Malik Burgers, too, one of Rob $tone’s frequent collaborators and tour-mates, for putting on a great show opening for Rob $tone. Pushing good music and an all-around really cool vibe, Malik played in a world somewhere between Odd Future and Migos. Very cool with the tempo, sound and feel of trap music–in that Migos state of mind–but still in Odd Future-esque khaki high-waters, white Vans, and a hoodie.