Twin Peaks Tuneful but Tame at Bluebird Theater

Twin Peaks Tuneful but Tame at Bluebird Theater

April 5, 2018 Off By Denver Thread

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Photos by Michael McGrath, Story by Amy McGrath

Chicago based Twin Peaks brought their catchy brand of Stones-flavored Indie-Bro rock to the sold-out Bluebird Theater Monday, March 26th. Though the mosh pit was full of the usual suspects performing raucous beer flinging and crowd surfing, the band with a reputation for rowdy live performances seemed comparatively sedate. They moved through an hour long set of work that drew from their catalogue of songs, from 2014’s break-out Wild Onion though this year’s collection of Sweet ‘17 Singles.

Some of those songs, like “Making Breakfast” and “Walk To the One You Love,” are insanely catchy rock sing-a-longs, and the eager Bluebird audience sang, moshed, and stage dived. Twin Peaks keeps their audience on its toes by trading lead vocals amongst four members of the band, but this creates some issues in performance, as it makes it a little tricky to develop a strong synergy between audience and performer when you don’t know who to focus on.

The band wrapped up their hour long set with the solid and sweet “Strawberry Smoothie,” with its infectious “Whachu doin’ baby, in the snow?” refrain the perfect adieu to send sweaty fans out into the snowy March night.